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Co-director, cameraman, editor: Sean McGing
Co-director and Co-producer: Jonathan Mann
Co-producer: Mary Anne Rothberg
Sound engineer: Chris Day
Music by The Coffin Daggers
448 West 37th Street, Suite 9-EF
New York, NY 10018
(212) 980-7031

Safecracker and master locksmith Phil Mortillaro is a fixture in New York’s Greenwich Village. From his tiny triangular shop  — the smallest free-standing building in Manhattan — he runs a successful business and holds court. For more than 35 years, he has made keys and repaired locks for tens of thousands, serving customers as diverse as Andy Warhol and Bill Clinton. To many who live in the Village, he is not just a talented craftsman, but a neighborhood caretaker and confidant. 

DO NOT DUPLICATE chronicles the man and his art. For two years, Phil labored to transform the façade of his building into a celebration of his craft and an homage to the New York City of his childhood, what he calls his “one true love.” 

Battling his inevitable mortality, Phil now has a singular goal: to permanently leave a mark in New York City. His work captures the creativity and energy of an evolving Greenwich Village.